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Springman Products

Ammo Box replacement clips

The existing clips on these Wolfpack/Ammo boxes are plastic and don't last very long.  Our NEW clips are manufactured out of spring steel and electroplated.  Removal and installation of the clips is very simple.

Contact us for more detail:  (021) 9333622

Compression Spring

Compression springs are open-coiled helical springs that exert a load or force when compressed.  A Compression spring gets shorter as the load is applied.


The wire size, number of coils and diameter (ID-inside or OD-outside), all determine the strength of the spring.


The spring ends can be left open ended, closed, tapered or ground and affects the spring force.  In many designs, the spring requires a L/H (left hand) or R/H (right hand) helix.


Predicting spring life is not an exact science and must be carefully considered in all stages of design with your spring manufacturer.  However, the life expectancy of a spring can be extended by careful design and selection of material.


One important factor overlooked during the design process is the spring index.  A spring index is the relationship between a spring's mean diameter and wire diameter.  Generally the index should be above 3 and less than 20.  Ideal index: 7 - 13


Formula for calculating the Spring Index:

Mean diameter divided by wire diameter = Spring Index

In order to give you an accurate quote on a compression spring, we will require the following information...


  • Wire diameter
  • Material type
  • ID or OD (inside diameter or outside diameter)
  • Free length or OAL (overall length)
  • Total number of coils
  • Ends closed, tapered or closed & ground
  • Finish (eg. zinc plated)

Tension Spring

Tension springs are closed-coiled helical springs that extend under a pulling force.  Tension springs are often referred to as extension springs as well.


These springs have ends with loops or hooks.  Hooks may vary both in design and for practical use:


  • Small eye loops
  • extended hooks
  • full loops
  • double loops
  • half loops
  • long/short square end hooks
  • V-hooks
  • English/German loops
  • centred hooks


In order to give you an accurate quote on a tension spring, we will require the following information...


  • Wire diameter
  • Material type
  • OD (outside diameter)
  • Body length
  • Inside or outside hook to hook length
  • loop/hook type
  • Finish (eg. zinc plated)

Torsion Spring

Torsion springs are springs that react to rotational forces called torque and are subjected to bending stresses.

These torsion springs are wound right and left hand so that the deflection causes the spring to wind up from the free position.

Most torsion springs have centre rods/shafts goind through the coil for added support.

In order to give you an accurate quote on torsion springs, we will require a sample or detailed drawing.

Conical Spring

Conical springs or regularly referred to as "cone springs", are tapered compression springs.  These springs offer more lateral stability, a reduced solid length and less tendency to buckle than a regular compression spring.


In order to give you an accurate quotation, we will require a sample or technical drawing.

Wire Form

Our skilled and experienced team of spring makers are well equipped to bend / produce most wire form types for the industrial, automotive, medical, culinary, agricultural, wine, textile industry.

Spring Plate

Not only do we provide the industry with spring steel plate in a wide range of thicknesses and widths for laser cutting or water jetting but our plate division produces many clips, plates and profiles used in the printing, textile, electronic, culinary, agricultural, medical sectors.


We supply soft annealed spring steel, stainless steel (301) spring steel, hardened or polished.